Thursday, September 22, 2011

PINNED DOWN PIN-UP: Conception to Delivery

3 1/2 years ago I was living in Vegas with my [then soon-to-be] husband, Jeremy. We were living the life! $100 lunches, sleeping till noon, outlet shopping on the daily. Bliss. For the first time since we met, he was working and I wasn’t. Every night while he was on the job I’d do some Pilates, Facebook a little, catch up on phone calls, then fix him a fancy cocktail and a snack for when he got home. I mean, it was like the 50’s. Which got me a-thinkin’...
I wanted to write a cookbook. Kind of a modern day Donna Reed. Without the kids. Without the separate beds. Without the sensible one piece. I wanted to write a collection of “get to his heartslashdick-through-his-stomach” recipes. All a guy’s favorites with a free-wheelin’, free-lovin’, rockin’-the-bikini-bod twist. How to cook for a man to land him and keep him. Takes on late night bar food (wings, chinese take out) and updates on classic mom staples (mac and cheese, chicken pot pie). I was so psyched and began writing. The idea of the PINNED DOWN PIN-UP was born!
Then...I don’t know...The Hills was on. Or I felt like day drinking and laying out. Or...I saw something shiny. Who knows... I’m a natural procrastinator and I just let it go.
So here we are. Today. Jeremy and just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary and are madly in love with our 2 daughters: Nora Bella, just turned 2 and Miss Penelope Shayne (aka “Pats”), 6 months. My girls keep me sane and drive me ABSOLUTELY freaking bonk at the same time. I started sharing all the details of my life via Facebook updates through both of my pregnancies and now as a new mom of two. Brutally honest. No bullshit. People were responding to my candid take on motherhood. Agreeing. Laughing along. “You should write a book!” “You should write a blog!” 
So I am. PINNED DOWN PIN-UP. More pinned down than ever. Being a mom is amazing. ALMOST all the time. Sometimes it sucks and is terrifying. I love being a wife. ALMOST all the time. Sometimes it sucks and is terrifying. Sometimes I need to escape. AND THAT’S OK. I escape to the kitchen. And I cook. And I bake. And I mix drinks. And I serve. And I love it. And I want to share it. Look- I’m not a trained chef. I’m not a child psychologist. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a relationship expert. I’m not even Bethenny. But I have good ideas, I give good advice, and my food tastes good. And really funny things happen to me. All the time. And I’ll tell you about everything... I’m here to inspire. I’m here to support. I’m here to entertain (boo-boo-be-doo!).
So here we go!


  1. love it! and, funny, I'm married three years, also...with a 2 1/2 year old, and 2 month old...both girls...looks like we're on similar tracks! keep it up! I'll be reading...